Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Assortment of Random

-Belize was mind-blowing, stretching beyond my expectations. But now that I'm back at school, everyone has asked me the loaded "How was Belize?" question, to which I've sputtered responses that don't even come close to doing the trip justice. It was the best adventure I've ever been on, to date. For the One World Running organization, we fitted and distributed over 1,100 pairs of shoes to the people of Belize City. We also put on a 5K in the city which I ran in. Our first five days were spent in Belize City which was unlike any place I've ever been. The entire city appeared worse off than a bad neighborhood in the United States. We spent one day on the island of Caye Caulker off the coast of Belize where we got to relax on a beautiful beach next to the clearest waters I've ever seen. I also got to snorkel on the second largest coral reef in the world; I touched a stingray! I also got to stand on top of the Temple of the Sun God in the Mayan city of Altun Ha, 31 miles outside of Belize City. The last three days we spent on a nature preserve, Monkey Bay, in the jungle where they turned poop into methane gas to cook the food. At Monkey Bay we went canoeing and swimming in the gorgeous Sibun River as well as spurlonking in Tiger Caves, peering inside Mayan pots that had been in the caves for over 1,000 years. Yeah, the trip was amazing. There's just too much to say about it.

-Last night/this afternoon, Trevor and I decided to take a break. Mainly because I have issues. You would never think a serious issue between a couple could be that the boy loves the girl "too much." But, in a nutshell, that has been our problem for the past several weeks. I am hoping that, out of this break, Trevor will go out and find his own happiness. It is too heavy a burden for me to be his only source of happiness here at Ohio State. We're on a break for now and I'm hoping that it will not only be good for me but good for him, as well.

-The sun is shining over Ohio State and the forecast indicates that it's only going to go up from here. I really need it...

-I got into an online class I wanted but I did not get the 10-15 hour/week job that I wanted. I'm not surprised, however, because the job involved computers and technology and things to which I am not savvy. But I really wanted the extra money.

-Last night I went to see Vampire Weekend in concert. Great concert but the set list was only an hour and 15 minutes long. Very disappointing.

-Right now I'm trying to decide whether I want to take a Public Health minor (easiest), English minor or Spanish minor (hardest). Or no minor at all because I really have no time. Help.

-I'm feeling really anxious and can't sit still. Gotta go.


achilles3 said...


PHSChemGuy said...

I would've been surprised if they'd played much more than 75 minutes. They've only put out two albums totaling about that much.

Did they play pretty much every song from both albums?

Lee said...

Thanks, Lakes. I think I'm going for the English minor...thanks to IB English for setting me up nicely.

And ChemGuy, they played a lot of their songs but I noticed that they didn't play one my favorites, "Giving Up the Gun" so I was kinda sad. I guess I was more disappointed that they hardly spoke in between songs. The lead singer would just say "Thank you, Columbus" and go into the next song. No jokes or anything. That's why it was so short.

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